Tammany Hall: New York’s Most Corrupt Political Machine
September 15, 2016

Written by Bryant Trufino, 11th Grade Teen Historian The picture above depicts an old metallic toy of a large man sitting on a chair. In addition, on the sides of the chair, it says “Tammany Bank.” The toy is made of metal and colored with paint, however, due to age, it has faded. Although it…

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Rosa Isabella, the Spanish Maiden
September 9, 2016

Written by Aaron Murphy, 11th Grade Teen Historian   The Rosa y Isabel was a clipper ship that sailed for a German shipping company called F. Laeisz from 1867–1884. At the bow of the ship was a red pine figurehead Rosa Isabella. She was dressed in a short red dress with a white sash tied…

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The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Children’s Toys
September 2, 2016

Written by Emily Axelson, 10th Grade Teen Historian A boy, about five or six years of age, stands clasping the reins of his black pull toy horse, complete with leather reins, saddle, and whip. Dressed in a blue top with lace detailing encircling the neck and wrists and in white pants and small black shoes,…

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An Ordinary Dish with Extraordinary Ramifications
August 26, 2016

Written by Ahmad Alnasser, 12th Grade Teen Historian,   With 2016 being an election year, it would be pretty difficult to miss an advertisement by one of the candidates, in a multitude of languages, urging one to vote and support their campaigns. Nowadays, seeing politicians’ names on everyday items is commonplace, but in the early 1800s…

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Nolan Park Culture on Governors Island
August 8, 2016

This blog was written by Jonathan Hazin   Anyone describing Nolan Park as shaded and tranquil would be correct, but they’d be missing something crucial. Sure, resting under a grove of trees is a great way to spend a summer afternoon—and on Governors Island, one should take any shade they can get!—but that’s only the beginning of…

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Making a Tour
April 26, 2016

We hope you will join us in our teen-led U.S. History & Government Regents Review Prep & Tour. The Student Historians will lead their fellow high school students on tours that connect artifacts on view at the New-York Historical Society to the topics covered in the Regents exams. The evening also includes fun review activities,…

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Teen Collaborations
March 21, 2016

Written in collaboration with the Student Historians  One of the highlights of the Student Historian program is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with teen mentors and program alumni. On December 2, we had a chance to share our expertise! We met with the Family Programs Interns, who are all in the second tier of…

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Learning from the Pros
March 8, 2016

Our Student Historians are a group of 25 teens from throughout the city who are dedicated to learning about the New-York Historical Society’s collections and resources, and in turn share them with other teens preparing for the U.S. History and Government Regents exam. In order to support them in their goal of creating a U.S….

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Why Were the British Uniforms Red?
November 9, 2015

By:  Zuhra Tukhtamisheva, Isaac Troncoso, and YueMin Chen While working all summer as Teen Leaders in the pop-up exhibition, Revolution: NYC & the War for Independence, we were frequently asked questions by visitors regarding the British military’s uniform. Based on those interactions we decided to do some research of our own to try to answer…

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