Nolan Park Culture on Governors Island
August 8, 2016

This blog was written by Jonathan Hazin   Anyone describing Nolan Park as shaded and tranquil would be correct, but they’d be missing something crucial. Sure, resting under a grove of trees is a great way to spend a summer afternoon—and on Governors Island, one should take any shade they can get!—but that’s only the beginning of…

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Making a Tour
April 26, 2016

We hope you will join us in our teen-led U.S. History & Government Regents Review Prep & Tour. The Student Historians will lead their fellow high school students on tours that connect artifacts on view at the New-York Historical Society to the topics covered in the Regents exams. The evening also includes fun review activities,…

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Teen Collaborations
March 21, 2016

Written in collaboration with the Student Historians  One of the highlights of the Student Historian program is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with teen mentors and program alumni. On December 2, we had a chance to share our expertise! We met with the Family Programs Interns, who are all in the second tier of…

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Learning from the Pros
March 8, 2016

Our Student Historians are a group of 25 teens from throughout the city who are dedicated to learning about the New-York Historical Society’s collections and resources, and in turn share them with other teens preparing for the U.S. History and Government Regents exam. In order to support them in their goal of creating a U.S….

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Why Were the British Uniforms Red?
November 9, 2015

By:  Zuhra Tukhtamisheva, Isaac Troncoso, and YueMin Chen While working all summer as Teen Leaders in the pop-up exhibition, Revolution: NYC & the War for Independence, we were frequently asked questions by visitors regarding the British military’s uniform. Based on those interactions we decided to do some research of our own to try to answer…

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The Topsy Turvy Doll: An Upside-Down History
October 19, 2015

By Francesca, Jonathan, Natalie, Anthony, and Alexis While children are filled with wonder and curiosity, most of the time their toys have a hidden history to tell, and some are quite jarring. One doll that captures the joy of childhood and a dark history is the topsy turvy doll—a reversible, two-sided, doll featuring two characters…

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Revolutionary Fashion
October 7, 2015

By William Demaria, Mikai Johnson Harris and Kaitlyn Lucey Overseeing an exhibition has posed numerous challenges. Throughout the work day, we have to clean the floors and walls, set up the objects and activities for public programming, and assign ourselves shifts. Although these duties are equally important, one of the most crucial tasks is what…

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Our Experiences with the Louisiana Literacy Test
September 16, 2015

By: Eleni Broadwell, Robert Clayton, Katherine Franco, Adenike Hickson, and Leila Silberstein “Literacy Test (This test is to be given to anyone who cannot prove a fifth grade education). Do what you are told to do in each statement, nothing more, nothing less. Be careful as one wrong answer denotes failure of the test. You…

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Learn About America’s First Five Overachievers!
September 14, 2015

By Randolph Higgins and Hannah Feldman A little less than 240 years ago, the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence. With the completion of this document, the fight for American Independence had officially begun. Nearly 13 years later, the new country laid out a new system of laws and guiding principles for itself: the…

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